Sunday, April 19, 2015

Garden #8

The last of the photographs of the garden. Butterfly, salad, grass: 2010. Final two shots: 2008. We had two tall grass plants in the front, initially. Well, initially all we had was lawn, but we got rid of that bit by bit. At one point, Kate told me she didn't like the tall grasses, but these are spectacular photographs, the light bouncing and shining through the fibers. Now the tall grasses are gone, victims of shuffling and re-organizing, but grasses are never really gone. There's a patch fighting to re-establish itself. Kate asked my sister-in-law, Rosemary, what to do about grass in the garden, and Rosemary said, "Grass is there to remind you how much you love to garden." So get down on your hands and knees and pull it out, by the roots as much as you can.

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